Activating Audience Engagement


The team at Memphis Events know how easily everyone can press ‘skip ad’, or channel surf during commercial breaks at the click of a button. So it’s no wonder advertising requires high engagement from the audience these days. It needs to be unique, exciting and effectively represent a brands image in an unconventional style.

According to Expandabrand (2016), humans absorb twice the amount of information when it is presented in a novel or unexpected way and 70% of people prefer to learn about a brand in an untraditional advertising style.

This is where activations come in. They tap into the creative side of the consumer, involving them in a positive experience that reflects optimistically on their image of the brand.

Memphis Events thinks of this experimental type of marketing as a micro event, taking place as a pop up in a retail store, at the train station, airport, even at the beach. It is unexpected, and it makes the consumer want to stop and look at what is going on… if executed correctly.

The key ideas Memphis Events believes a successful activation involves:

1. Ensuring the brand is promoted in a way that encourages trial, awareness and positive experiences.

Perhaps giving out samples to introduce potential consumers to the products and get people talking. Or, taking it the next step, making it more memorable by having them being involved in an activity that Memphis Events put together, such as spin the wheel to receive the item. Our team will assist you in creating an activity that is a true reflection of your brand and makes sense for your company. For example, if your business is a marketing agency, an activity with a cooking theme wouldn’t make sense for you however a piece related to social media and taking photos of food (#foodstagram anyone?) does make sense.

2. Make sure there are measurable goals to be achieved.

For example, if coupon codes are given out, how many sales were made using that coupon code or how many times was your page tagged in a post or how many posts were made with your hashtag? These activities need to be measurable to understand the return on investment that is being made.

3. Create buzz and curiosity at the site.

In a time of social media, Snapchat and intensive digital word of mouth, you want as many people as possible to become involved in the activation. Find out more about using the right social platforms in our blog here.

4. Potential consumers are driven by their 5 senses.

Whilst it is true people like free things, pop up activations can be so much more. Think oversized items, bright colours, scent driven shopping centre activations, virtual reality pop ups, taste testing and of course music playing in the background. Our eager staff can bring all these ideas to life in a way that appeals to people’s senses and is aesthetically pleasing. Find out more about using the five senses in our blog here.

However, none of this makes sense without a solid idea of the brand’s value proposition and culture. For example, creating an attention grabbing, feminine atmosphere with floral smells and flower petals for a men’s shaving razor is not the right message. Memphis Events can assist your business in brainstorming to find out who the target market is, where the most visible location is for them, and finally, what ambience suits the brand.

With our positive reviews and successful campaigns, contact Memphis Events team today to see how we can create an event that utilises activations that work for your unique company.
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