How Art and Design are the Building Blocks of Today’s Events


Picture this; you walk through a tunnel draped with stunning, long curtains. You are surrounded by hints of vintage tea parties, teddy bears and neutral linens. This aroma so particular to take you back to when you were young. But why this event theme? This example was our benevolent corporate event proposal for one of our clients from the construction industry, supporting Westmead Children’s Bear Cottage. See, at Memphis Events, we connect all the dots to make your event not only creative, but truly inspired by your unique context.

Discover the Results of Tailoring Your Event Design to the Industry

The construction industry is continually driven to create innovative designs and structures. But how is this represented in events where companies market themselves for new projects, or ones that reward employees for reaching goals? This is where Memphis Events steps in. We work closely with our clients to create an event concept that is not only exciting and engaging, but is true to the company brand. We conduct an extensive research session to find out everything from what the company’s history to the current day offering, mission and values. This allows us to create a complete picture of the company and put forth an event proposal with an event concept that is not only engaging and exciting but will accurately reflect the company.

Did you know that only 21% of employees feel strongly valued at work? (Trupath 2015)

In an industry worried about timing, keeping to budget and remaining sustainable, an occasion created by Memphis Events can elevate this statistic by celebrating the employees’ achievements. So why not promote a good company culture, and fuel employee energy to attain future objectives? Plus, having the event taken care of means fewer frustrations for the business and a more excited and eager staff. At Memphis Events, we love showcasing your company’s vibe and triumphs, whilst providing an opportunity to have some fun!

Build Up with the Artistic Fixtures

What kind of theme is captivating for the construction industry? Imagine an industrial atmosphere, reminding staff of the physical compositions they have achieved. We’ll use your branding to determine the theme, the colours and the feel of the event. This will determine the materials, props and decor to design the event. With clean-cut wooden, metal and stone furnishings, we can allude to the everyday work environment of the construction industry.

Venues establish the look and feel of an event and play an important role in an event’s theme. By hosting events in the buildings they have created, you will further inspire your employees to do more – enforcing their ability and achievements. This can also be used to attract new building projects, where the success of one building can allude to the success of the next.

The Next Step

With our proven results and successful events time and time again, hurry to book in your corporate Memphis Event. It’s no secret why 80% of marketers believe success is directly correlated to live events (Bizzabo 2017). Meet with the Memphis Events team and discuss how we can represent your company today!

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