Case Study: Addventageous Brainstorming Session


We recently sat down with Charlene Bordley, founder of Addventageous and her team for a brainstorming session to create a fun and exciting event concept.

The Brief

The purpose of this brainstorming session was to assist Addventageous in creating an event engagement concept that creates awareness of cycling while connecting with their audience and standing to their values. Addventageous encourages communities to be HAPPY riders which is Healthy Active Positive Purposeful and Youthful. They offer a range of classes which build skills , confidence and safety whether you’re learning to ride, get back on the bike, ride to work or just ride for recreation. Age is no barrier. Addventageous is an AustCycle provider delivering cycling programs for all. They encourage a fun and supportive environment and our accredited teachers and coaches have a play for life approach when conducting workshops.

Our Session

During our brainstorming session, we established the mission and values of Addventageous and what they set out to achieve. The session confirmed their desired target market, which is different to their current market. We also defined the company culture. Addventageous offers something that is a life skill which people are now perceiving as a healthy alternative. The session also looked at why their customers keep coming back to them. We established two common words between Addventageous and their clients: Fun and Awareness


We recommended a fun and engaging event concept that captures the imagination on how fun, healthy and important bike riding is.  The event concept we created included a theme, engagement piece and different zones and programs for the event, as well as a suggested time for the event.

The Result

We have identified a major event concept that connects and engages the Addventageous audience. These events relate back to the 2 key words that were identified to define Addventageous that encompasses the company values, culture, feedback and research: Fun – Awareness.


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