The Cheese Cone Initiative

In only its second year, Cheese Lovers Festival was celebrated around the world for its innovative facilitation of creating a unique product that blended the delicious Armenian lavosh bread, proudly produced by Kurrajong Kitchen, and Hunter Belle Cheese’s creamy cheeses to come up with the mouth-watering Cheese Cone. Inspired by the traditional ice cream cone, the Cheese Cone is the perfect winter alternative. Lovingly hand-made, Kurrajong Kitchen used their traditional family recipe to gently roll the perfect Lavosh cone. Through the centre, Hunter Belle Cheese’s decadent triple cream briebelle is fanned against the crunchy texture of Cranberry and Pistachio Cheddar.

Those enjoying the Cheese Cone will be greeted by sweetness with a topping of spiced pear paste, trimmed with locally made salami and to finish off with a freshy zingy flavour at the bottom of the cone using Labelle yoghurt cheese, the perfect palate cleanser.

The Cheese Cone received worldwide coverage, including The Daily Meal and Huffington Post in the U.S. and ELLE Mat och Vin (Food and Wine) in Sweden as well as renown titles throughout Australia.

We are so proud of this innovation as it really speaks to our passion for Australia’s favourite dairy product, cheese. Imagine… next time you go to a bar or a pub and order your favourite beer or wine, alongside it will be a selection of combined Cheese Cones that match. No need to deal with knives or understanding what cheese to choose. Just a simple mouthful that tantalises all the best things about cheese and condiments that add to the flavour.