Effective reporting tools for events


We all know events are a great way for companies and brands to connect with their clients. But how do we know they’re working? How do we measure what they’re doing for a company? Below are some reporting tools to assist you in measuring events before, during and after.


Social media

Tracking the social media activity your event is getting (through mentions and hashtags) is a great way to identify how engaged your attendees are. Keeping track of the comments people are making can help with organising future events. Which speakers did they love? What topics did they enjoy? Is there an element or program that everyone seemed to be talking about?



You want to capture feedback while the event is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Send out a survey during or straight after the event to gather additional data. Did they enjoy the overall event? What did they think could be improved on? Your attendees’ feedback is one of the most valuable insights you can gain to improve future events. SurveyMonkey is a powerful and free tool to help you manage and even customise surveys.


Targeted messaging

Sending out regular emails leading up to the event will help you determine what messaging and program details are resonating most with your audience. Using a platform such as MailChimp will allow you to gauge how many people are opening your emails and clicking the links within them.



A new trend that will allow you to really engage with your audience and allows them to make the most of the event. For example, why not challenge your attendees to see who can be the first to collect 100 business cards? These games will let you understand the interaction levels of your audience with the event.

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Image designed by Photoduet / Freepik