GWS Summit 2014


In 2014, Memphis Events was part of the Greater Western Sydney Summit that was held at the Hillsong Convention Centre. Representatives of 3 levels of government, community groups, business associations and networking groups from Western Sydney came together to talk about Small Business and its future in Western Sydney.

This summit was amazing! As a business owner, (while I was running around making sure that the event ran smoothly), I was listening in to all the speakers and thinking to myself how invaluable the content was for any one who attended the event. Keynote speakers Naomi Simson (Red Balloon) and Craig Rispin (Future Trend Group) we’re truly masters of their domain and more importantly they loved and enjoyed their work.

The panellist were divided into 2 sessions;

With one presenting what Vision, Planning, Assisting and Growing your business in Western Sydney can create for immediate and future growth

The second panellist emphasising Education, Transport Infrastructure, Emerging Trends and a Voice in Western Sydney that creates opportunities for small businesses to get out there and get involved.

In conclusion, we look forward to working with the SHBC in 2015 and can’t wait to get involved with this year’s Summit.

GWS Summit 2014 GWS Summit 2014 GWS Summit 2014
Clr Andrew Jefferies (Mayor)

Clr Andrew Jefferies (Mayor)

Craig Rispin Futurist - Keynote Speaker - GWS Summit 2014

Craig Rispin Futurist – Keynote Speaker 

Anthony Moss, Suzie Jacobs, Tony Eades (Host)

Anthony Moss, Suzie Jacobs, Tony Eades (Host)

Lyall Gorman - Panelist - GWS Summit

Lyall Gorman – Panelist

GWS Summit - Panelist


Naomi Simson - Keynote Speaker

Naomi Simson – Keynote Speaker