The Importance of Communication in Events


The Memphis Events team know communication is the key to productivity and success of the event. It is how we differentiate ourselves and our clients, create a joint vision for events, and maintain good rapport. Communication eliminates any confusion by keeping everyone on the same page whereby ideas can flow effectively. There are three main areas to communication, each of which holds a call to action – how we follow up and keep the relationship growing.


Client communication

Communication with the client links to the first of our 4M’s – Mindsetting. Getting in your mindset enables us to understand your objectives and what you want to achieve. Understanding your business is crucial to delivering your event. What does your brand stand for? What message is your brand sending? And where does your business sit in the marketplace? We do this through researching the client to gain an understanding of four key factors of the business – the culture, brand, value proposition and creating a persona.


Team communication

With so many parts required to execute the perfect event, effective team communication is vital. Communication defines the expectations of each team member’s tasks and holds each person accountable to what they need to deliver to ensure the success of the event. Our team has weekly meetings to set goals, outline tasks for the week and manage expectations followed by regular team briefings throughout the day to track daily task progress. This maintains transparent communication within our team.


Attendee communication

Our process has been tailored to attract the right audience to our events. A particular platform our team utilises is Mailchimp for creating and sending newsletters to our previous and potential attendees, then analysing the engagement data. Communicating content that’s been curated to the attendee’s needs engages the target audience and creates a reaction from the audience and thus a successful call to action.  Scheduling regular social media posts, photos and interactive polls create an integrated communication strategy; while Facebook is great for engaging supporters, Instagram can attract through aesthetically pleasing photos. On a B2B level, however, a quick, formal Twitter post and face to face contact is preferred. But the communication doesn’t end there. We carry out the communication process post-event by asking attendee to complete a feedback survey so we’re able to understand what the event experience was from the attendee’s perspective and how future events can be improved.



With every aspect of communication covered, Memphis Events will support your event through the right communication channels. Get in contact today to find out exactly how we can improve the communication in your business, and simultaneously create a mutual relationship with you!
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