PR and Events

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Ever thought about utilising events as a part of your PR strategy? Events play a big part in PR by strategically building mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and the public. At Memphis Events, we work closely with some of the best PR companies in Australia. This was especially prevalent with our Signature Event Series which includes the upcoming Cheese Lovers Festival and our upcoming Western Sydney Small Business Expo.   Here are five tips on how to use PR for your next event;

  1. Create an online presence – Through social media communities and sharing information relating to your event topic e.g. cheese or small businesses
  2. Use your talent – Pitch speakers/entertainment to the media for interviews and expert insight
  3. Target bloggers – Blogger have a strong social media presence and are most likely to spend more time at your event to review your event.
  4. Create a hashtag – Simple hashtag that relates to your event. Publicise the hashtag to encourage people to follow the stream. Use it constantly when tweeting/posting throughout the event
  5. Interesting images – Captivating images can say 1000 words. (Check out the Cheese Lovers Festival, Cheese Cone)


For more details on how Memphis Events can assist you with your activation contact us on 02 9615 9679 or [email protected]