Risk Management at Your Next Event

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Transparent risk management is a high priority for the Memphis Events team. We ensure that we have formal safety procedures and excellent communication in place for all our events. We know how important you value reputation and looking after your guests – that’s why we work closely with our risk management partners to place a safety perspective in front of all your event decisions.

Our team knows a great Risk Management Plan integrates all of the following:

Security Management Plan

For that peace of mind that your event is under control, Memphis Events ensures security is in place for personal protection of all stakeholders and equipment. With a security management plan, potential risks such as theft or disorderly patrons are prevented from the very beginning. A security management plan will discuss the details of your event such as attendee demographic, if the event is ticketed, flow of event attendee arrival and alcohol management. The plan will also look at crowd management as well as the roles and responsibilities of the security team.

Traffic Management Plan

Our team works closely with traffic management providers to ensure safe movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic at your event. A traffic management plan will include all the details to ensure the protection of workers from passing traffic as well as the design, installation and removal of any required road closures as well as implementing traffic controllers and installing temporary signage and safety barriers.

Waste Management Plan

A smooth waste collection before, during and after the event is the best way to keep the site tidy and look after our environment. A key factor to consider in your waste management plan is the type of bins your event requires and the quantity of each. Along with the bin, your plan will also need to factor in how many cleaners you require for your event and the schedule, particularly if it is a multi-day event. And finally, your plan will need to include details around toilet facilities if there aren’t any on site.

Emergency Management Plan

You might be asking yourself “Do we need first aid? Fire marshals? An evacuation plan?”. Our team will conduct a site inspection of the venue prior to the event to identify any risks and the measures required to reduce or eliminate them. From this we will develop an emergency management plan that covers the emergency and evacuation procedures, emergency assembly areas, emergency services including first aid and fire brigade, insurance, crowd control, traffic controllers and security guards.


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