Have you ticked all the boxes?


The beauty of hosting an event is that no matter how big or small the expected numbers are, the basics of a good checklist is the same. Creating a checklist will not only make sure you’re staying on track but remind you of what needs to be done and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the minor details.

Start by making a wish list that includes everything you need to do for the event and everything you want for the event.  Break up all tasks into categories i.e. venue, risk management, catering etc in order to identify and allocate the tasks accordingly. Ask, Will you need a dedicated team to build this event? Or is it a one-man job? Prioritise your tasks and then add them to a timeline so you can meet your deadlines.

Don’t forget that event day requires a separate checklist for each section including the all-important event box with all kinds of stationary and gadgetry goodies that will solve your teething problems on the day (Tip: Gaffer tape, cable ties and scissors always seem to save the day).

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