Western Sydney Small Business Expo – WSSBE


With 2 066 523 small businesses in Australia (as of 28 July 2016), the need for connecting with medium to large size businesses has never been stronger. With 680 000 businesses based in NSW alone, small businesses in Western Sydney need a B2B platform that can assist in connecting with the right companies. Australia is one of the highest percentage of ‘Ideas’ generated businesses in the world, this proves that we are a nation of innovation with an emphasis of bettering people’s livelihood.


Western Sydney Small Business Expo (WSSBE) is to be at the forefront of the Western Sydney business community by stimulating business relationships, informing the community via strong and practical content, creating tangible and results driven relationships with medium to large size businesses. The purpose of this event is to create and harness opportunities in Western Sydney.

Our objectives include:

  • To assist in developing business interest and investment in Western Sydney
  • To be at the forefront of harnessing and developing start-ups and small businesses in Western Sydney
  • To promote and develop the expo as a flagship event for Western Sydney
  • To promote small businesses by providing a platform to network and receive practical advice to grow their business

Come join us this year as a we start our journey in empowering Western Sydney and creating opportunities that will not only connect businesses on a financial and educational level, but also create a community based on relationships. #WSSBE17

For more details go www.wssbe.com.au. Details to be announced